Monday, September 10, 2012

Roger Murtagh: "Lethal Weapon"

Actor:           Danny Glover
Year:            1987
Beard Type:  Cop Beard

Danny Glover has had to put up with a lot of shit in his movies. In 1992, a Predator landed smack-dab in the middle of Los Angeles. Who has to deal with that shit, as well as all the subsequent paperwork? Danny Glover. In 1994, a dead Christopher Lloyd starts fucking with the California Angels baseball team. Who has to deal with that shit? Danny Glover. In Operation Dumbo Drop, a live elephant needs to be delivered to a village. Who has to deal with that shit while putting up with Ray Liota and Christian Slater? Danny Glover. In 2004, the Jigsaw killer starts plotting his way, alive or dead, through seven damn movies. Who has to deal with that shit?

Danny Fucking Glover.

Of course, we all know that even before all this shit needed dealt with, Danny Glover was already too old for it. He was too old for this shit long ago. When did Danny Glover become too old for this shit?

At the beginning of Lethal Weapon

In the Lethal Weapon movies, of which there are four, Danny Glover had to put up with drug-smugglin', front-yard brawlin' Gary Busey, exploding bathroom bombs, and Joe Pesci thrice. But even before all that shit, Danny Glover knew he was getting too old for it. How did he know he was getting to old for this shit?

His Cop Beard was getting gray.

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