Monday, July 2, 2012

Statue of William Shakespeare: "Batman: the Movie"


Actor:           Bronze Statue
Year:            1966
Beard Type:  Statue Beard

In Batman: The Movie and the accompanying Batman television series (all 120 episodes worth from 1966-1968), Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson changed into their alter egos by descending into the Bat Cave via the Bat Pole and activating the Instant Costume Change Lever on their way down. How is this possible?

A statue of a bearded William Shakespeare makes it possible.

It makes sense, right? Bruce Wayne would only trust the secret location of the Bat Cave to a beard. It's almost poetic that he chooses to hide the Bat Cave button under the beard of William Shakespeare, a man who once had so much to say but is now forever silenced because he's dead. A dead man tells no tales, and a bronzed beard of a dead man tells no Batman secrets. 

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