Sunday, July 8, 2012

Crimelord #2: "Batman"


Actor:           Joel Cutrara
Year:            1989
Beard Type:  Criminal Beard

After his chemical dip and corrective surgery, The Joker's first order of business was to get rid of Carl Grissom, Gotham's crime boss who ratted Jack Napier out and essentially led to his chemical disfiguration. With Grissom out of the way, The Joker usurps the throne at the head of the crime table and reveals to Grissom's men that he plans to run Gotham City into the ground. Antoine Rotelli didn't like that and got a little hot under the collar as a result. While Antoine burnt to a crisp, a bearded crimelord sat on the sidelines and used the power of the beard to do nothing about it. Why? If he steps in, The Joker kills him. If he let's Antoine fry, he naturally moves up the Grissom chain and is that much closer to becoming Crimelord #1. That's smart beard play.

Bide your time, Crimelord #2. Remain hidden in the smoke of the burning flesh of your superiors.

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