Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dr. Leo Marvin: "What About Bob?"

Actor:           Richard Dreyfuss
Year:            1991
Beard Type:  Business Beard

Look at that beard. This is the type of beard that belongs to the man with the best lawn in your suburban community. In this case, it belongs to Dr. Leo Marvin, a successful psychiatrist and author of the new book Baby Steps.  Underneath that beard is a man that has the answer to all of life's problems. Then Bill Murray happens hard. Murray's character Bob Wiley is a recluse that becomes obsessed with Doctor Marvin's book and decides he needs to spend every waking hour with the Marvin family during their vacation. Marvin has a beard groomed to perfection, which further reflects his perception of his own family life. Bob's behavior reduces the egotistical perfectionist into a boiling pot of murderous rage. Doctor Marvin may be a broken man by the end, but the beard remains unfazed. It was the one thing that Bob could not destroy in Marvin's life. That's the power of the beard, folks.

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